About English Attack!

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Who Are We?

English Attack! is the world’s first 100% entertainment-focused online resource for improving English language skills, and is designed with the tween, teen and adult (12+) learner in mind. It has been created by two media and entertainment executives (ex-Activision Blizzard, Vivendi Games Mobile, I-Play, Apple, CNN, NBC..) who now work in English Language Learning and see huge potential in a totally different approach to learning through online entertainment platforms.

A Focus On Increased Exposure Through Content-Driven Motivation

One of the biggest challenges in English language learning is that learners not living in an English-speaking country are simply not exposed to enough English, especially in the interval between one formal instruction session and another. Another challenge – especially for teens and young adults — is that learners are no longer sufficiently motivated by traditional coursebooks, classroom settings and teaching methods alone.  Finally, most learners with internet access (which, these days, means pretty much everyone)  are very attracted to online media, but they lack the disposable income to subscribe to expensive online e-learning services. Accordingly, we decided to create a highly accessible online platform providing the kind of “digital entertainment immersion” most likely to appeal to this audience, and in so doing greatly increase learners’ exposure to a wide range of authentic spoken English. The service features online video clips from the latest Hollywood blockbusters, most popular TV series and global news providers; the latest chart-topping music videos; professionally produced learning games; a sophisticated yet intuitive coaching function, and a personalized learned content repository for revision. The English Attack! user interface is available in 26 languages (thus facilitating take-up by beginners); it is intended for use by both learners and teachers with a fully featured Schools and Teachers platform available; and has been designed to be fully complementary to teacher/trainer-led methods of learning English.

Used By Over Half A Million Students Worldwide

Used by over half a million students in more than 1,500 middle schools, high schools, universities, and language institutes around the world, English Attack! is designed for user with learners both within and outside of the classroom. The service is often used in “flipped classoom” teaching, with students tasked with doing a video exercise or visual dictionary at home, and then coming to class with the context, key vocabulary and inductive grammar to be able to conduct a class discussion on the content on which the exercise was based. Other in-classroom use of the platform includes doing an exercise as a whole-class activity (using a projector or interactive whiteboard) or, in the language lab, assigning small groups or pairs to work on specific exercises, sometimes motivating healthy inter-group competition via a points challenge.

Pedagogical Principles

Our method is anchored in the latest EFL pedagogical thinking, founded on the importance of motivation and including contextual learning; self-motivation; learner autonomy; constant reward loops; a lexical approach to grammar; a positive, encouraging learning environment; and learning-by-doing. We reinforce this by applying the principles of Brain-based Learning and Learning Games. Prior to launching the Beta version of the site in 2010 with 25,000 test users we conducted market research which confirmed the target audience’s receptiveness to the concept; and following feedback from our Beta users fine-tuned our approach in collaboration with a number of highly experienced English language teachers. The commercial version of the service launched in January, 2012, and in June 2016 the site was totally redesigned to incorporate a new look and feel as well as several new features and functionalities.


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