Kinney & Associates To Bring English Attack! to Large U.S. Market for English as a Second Language

Chicago, January 9th, 2012: Entertainment Learning, the pioneering education-via-entertainment company, announced its partnership with Kinney & Associates today for the launch, marketing and business development of its flagship language learning service, English Attack!, ( in the United States.

English Attack! allows learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) in the United States – an audience some estimate to be as large as 50 million individuals – to improve their English contextually with video clips from blockbuster movies, hit TV series, music videos and television news reports ; online games ; and thematic visual dictionaries. English Attack engages participatants and allows them to  practice their developing English language skills with a global social network of learners of English. Users have a choice between an English-language interface and a version with navigation, help texts, tutorials, a dictionary, and other resources in 19 other languages. These include Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Romanian, Polish and Korean, allowing easier access to the site’s unique pedagogical approach.

Said Paul Maglione, Co-founder of Entertainment Learning : “The US is of course a special market for English language learning, due to the tens of millions of immigrants or first-generation citizens that need to improve their English to maximize their academic, professional and social potential in their country of adoption. We needed to find a partner who had not just an excellent reputation in the national education industry but also one who also shared our vision of a language-learning experience transformed by web 2.0 functionalities. We finally found what we were looking for in Kinney & Associates and are confident that they will help us make this vision a reality here in the United States.

Said David Kinney of Kinney & Associates: “ English Attack offers an engaging and powerful resource for schools, community organizations, companies and colleges. It is unique and fulfills the need to deliver innovative solutions for today’s digital generation. The school platform will allow instructors to easily track usage on data to insure accountability and success. Entertainment Learning has created a program that can have a major impact and create learning communities connecting English language learners around the world.“

About Kinney & Associates:

Kinney & Associates was established in 1994 by David Kinney, a former special education teacher, administrator and test consultant. His background in assessment and technology lead to developing one of the leading consulting and professional development companies utilizing a “data driven” model of school improvement. Kinney and Associates strives to offer the very latest programs and services that are both affordable and effective in helping to increase student achievement.  As distributor for English Attack!, the company will deploy an array of marketing and consulting services, including grant writing, to deliver the product to schools, community organizations and agencies throughout the United States. Go to for more information.

Contact :
David Kinney, principal, Kinney & Associates

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